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About Transamerica Insurance & Investment Group

Transamerica Insurance & Investment Group offers an array of innovative financial services and products designed to help individuals, families, and businesses build, protect, and preserve their hard-earned assets. The companies* that offer these products are members of the AEGON Insurance Group, an international insurance organization headquartered in The Hague, The Netherlands.Transamerica Insurance & Investment Group - Life Insurance

The largest of their companies, Transamerica Occidental Life Insurance Company, is the fifth largest individual life insurer and the largest life reinsurer in North America, based on individual life insurance in force. Transamerica Occidental Life offers a variety of competitive individual and group life insurance and annuity products, including affordable term life insurance policies.

Transamerica Term Life Products

PROTECT YOUR FAMILY WITH AFFORDABLE TERM LIFE INSURANCE Transamerica Occidental Life provides flexible term life insurance policies with coverage through age 95 and competitive, affordable premiums. Select the plan that is best for you:

• 10-, 15-, and 20-year Term
• Yearly Renewable Term
• 30-year Term

Tranamerica Insurance Term Life Insurance policies feature:

• Competitive underwriting classes and premiums
• Guaranteed conversion to any of their universal life policies through age 70; age 75 on Premier class
• Age-last-birthday issue ages that help secure the best premiums
• Waiver of premium rider that waives your premium in the event of qualifying total disability
• Available Premier underwriting class that offers their best premiums to the healthiest clients 1
• Accelerated death benefit that provides funds for your needs during a terminal illness 2
• Conditional exchange

Transamerica Survivorship Life Products

If you’re married and leave your estate to your spouse at your death, you can defer all or part of the federal estate tax due on your estate through the use of the unlimited marital deduction. Unfortunately, this deduction only defers the tax bill until your spouse dies – it doesn’t eliminate it. As a result, your surviving heirs could be faced with a huge tax burden.

One of the best ways to provide the cash to pay estate taxes is with life insurance. Transamerica Occidental Life offers two life insurance policies to make estate planning easier for you and your heirs-TransACE Survivor XL and TransSurvivor XL.


Enjoy flexibility, guarantees, and access to funds when you need them, plus:

• One life insurance policy that covers both you and your spouse with the death benefit payable when the second death occurs
• A Guaranteed Death Benefit endorsement
• 10% withdrawals without company-imposed penalties
• Guaranteed minimum interest rate of 4% * A Full Death Benefit Rider built right into the policy.
• This assures that the full death benefit will continue if the policy is inforce at the policy anniversary nearest age 100.


• One life insurance policy covers both you and your spouse with the death benefit payable at the second death
• Cash to help pay estate taxes at the second death
• The comfort of not having to make insurance decisions following the death of the first spouse.
• The opportunity to withdraw up to 10% of the policy value each year without company-imposed surrender charges
• Coverage is based on the exact age of the younger insured, so there’s a longer period of coverage for the survivor than with a policy using joint equal age
• Permanent life insurance protection allows you to accumulate cash values – at a competitive interest rate – on a tax-deferred basis
• TransSurvivor XL is very competitively priced

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