SanDisk 2nd Generation iXpand Flash Drive Review

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SanDisk 2nd Generation iXpand Flash Drive ReviewNew SanDisk 2nd Generation iXpand Flash Drive Review. SanDisk was one of the soonest organizations to perceive the capability of capacity extras for iPhones and iPads. It’s the sort of thing that could truly prove to be useful, with Apple broadly keeping on charging insane premiums for more than 16GB stockpiling on its iPhones and iPads, furthermore deny its clients the capacity to update stockpiling down the line.

The original iXpand was massive and cumbersome to utilize, however in the event that you didn’t have any option, it could be a lifeline. Presently, a year in the wake of propelling the first, SanDisk is putting forth an all-new model with a very surprising outline and enhanced capacities. Perused on to check whether your iOS stockpiling troubles can be tackled for the last time.

Look and feel

There’s no denying the comparability in looks between the new SanDisk iXpand and the Leef iBridge. SanDisk seems to have obtained intensely from Leef’s outline. It isn’t a direct sham, yet it certainly appears to be predictable. On the splendid side, it’s an enormous change over the main gen iXpand as far as size and usability.

SanDisk 2nd Generation iXpand Flash Drive Review

The twisted end with the Lightning connector is marginally adaptable, and you can tuck the connector into a container on the body when not being used, however it remains generally uncovered. The whole body is scarcely more extensive than a standard USB plug, aside from a slight lump at the elastic covered base which assists with grasp. This implies dissimilar to the past model, it will fit into tight spaces and won’t piece different ports when connected to a PC or tablet.

The Lightning connector and adaptable twist are intended to work even with iPhones or iPads that are in generally thick cases. It would have been greatly irritating to need to take off a case every time you needed to utilize the drive, so fortunately that isn’t an issue. You can keep on using an iPhone regularly in one hand with the iXpand connected to, however it will tilt in reverse when laying on a table. The edges of the end with the USB attachment are somewhat sharp, however the configuration is route superior to that of the first iXpand, which dangled beneath the Lightning port.

By and large, the fundamental objective of this update appears to have been making the item as subtle as could reasonably be expected, and SanDisk has succeeded in such manner. You can slip the new iXpand into any pocket and not stress over it. The main thing we would change is the uncovered USB plug with its sharp metal edges.

SanDisk 2nd Generation iXpand Flash Drive Review

Components and programming

The second-gen iXpand is accessible in limits running from 16GB to an astounding 128GB – however even the biggest one costs not as much as what you’d pay to bounce a solitary iPhone stockpiling level. It will work with any iPhone, iPad. on the other hand iPod touch with a Lightning connector running at any rate iOS 8.2. We’re likewise upbeat that the USB connector now underpins USB 3.0 rates, which is something we distressfully missed with the first. All shows accompany FAT32 as the default document framework for general similarity, aside from the 128GB one which utilizes exFAT which takes into consideration records bigger than 4GB each, however at the expense of backing for more seasoned PCs.

Another huge change between eras is that the iXpand no more needs its own battery. That is one of the most compelling motivations for the decrease in size, and it likewise makes the item significantly more helpful. It will taste a modest measure of force from your iOS gadget, however in any event you don’t need to stress over a pen drive kicking the bucket on you, or recollect to connect it to a PC to energize occasionally.

SanDisk 2nd Generation iXpand Flash Drive Review

On account of Apple’s record framework access rules, you can’t really utilize the iXpand for extra stockpiling like you would utilize an OTG drive or even a microSD card on Android. The iXpand’s ability can be gotten to just through SanDisk’s own particular application. You’ll be incited to download it from the App Store when you first connect the iXpand to another gadget, in the event that you don’t have it introduced as of now.

The application is unique in relation to the one utilized by the main gen iXpand, and has a radical new interface and enhanced elements. The organization says that there won’t be any further application advancement for the more established item which may pester a few purchasers.

SanDisk 2nd Generation iXpand Flash Drive Review

The application takes you through a brisk begin presentation, after which you see the primary interface. The upper portion of the screen is loaded with what look like promotions, provoking you to set up programmed reinforcements for your photograph library and contacts, however fortunately these can be released. You’ll see an outline of capacity use on your gadget and on the drive.

Similarly as with every single other Io applications, you can duplicate documents to the telephone from the iXpand drive, yet they’ll live inside the application till you utilize the Share menu, which makes duplicates of your records in various applications. So also, to get anything onto the drive from an iOS gadget, you need to Share it into the iXpand application and after that put it onto the drive.

SanDisk 2nd Generation iXpand Flash Drive Review

On the off chance that you need to play music or motion pictures put away on the iXpand drive, you need to either do as such however the iXpand application or duplicate them to different applications – note that you can’t duplicate records into Apple’s Music application. Be that as it may, the iXpand application can deal with huge amounts of record configurations including reports, PDFs, photographs, recordings and the sky is the limit from there, so you won’t not require whatever else for speedy errands. In the event that it can’t deal with any configuration, it’ll permit you to send that document to some other application.

SanDisk gets indicates for innovative arrangements iOS’s constraints. For instance, you can get to your iTunes library inside the application so it’s anything but difficult to play music put away on your telephone and on the drive through one interface. Another fabulous new element is the capacity to record photographs and recordings inside the iXpand application and have them spared straightforwardly to the drive. On the off chance that you record a great deal of recordings, you know the torment of topping off your stockpiling and after that juggling extensive documents. Along these lines, experts can likewise record video straightforwardly to the drive and after that fitting it into a PC for snappy access.

iPhone 6s clients will like the 3D Touch alternate ways to make reinforcements and trigger the camera. SanDisk likewise backings Apple’s Touch ID for security. On the off chance that you have an iOS gadget with a unique mark peruser, you can set up encryption to utilize your unique mark as opposed to a password. Records and organizers that you secure are moved independently to a different envelope, yet you can’t encode the whole drive. You likewise need to set up a 6-digit alphanumeric password with the goal that you can get to the documents on different gadgets. Programming to give you a chance to decode the records on Windows and OS X goes ahead the drive itself.


We had a 16GB rendition of the iXpand Flash Drive for audit. Above all else, we were exceptionally cheerful to have USB 3.0 exchange speeds. We quantified the iXpand’s capacities with CrystalDiskMark and could accomplish 75.26MBps consecutive peruses and 53.39MBps successive composes – path superior to the USB 2.0 velocities of the past model. You’ll have the capacity to move down documents or load a pack of films for a long trek rapidly. We tried the drive with an iPhone 5c running iOS 9.3 and a fourth-gen iPad running iOS 9.1, and had no real issues.

SanDisk 2nd Generation iXpand Flash Drive Review

The drive was perceived right away and we could get the application and begin inside minutes. Be that as it may, the drive appeared to get disengaged and reconnected aimlessly times. In the event that our gadgets went into standby mode with the drive connected to, we would get a popup every time we walked out on, guiding us to permit the application to speak with the embellishment. That may be down to how iOS handles adornments and force channel, however’s despite everything it irritating for clients.

Record taking care of appeared to be fine, and we didn’t keep running into any significant constraints with the application’s abilities. The camera module imitates the iOS application yet is genuinely fundamental as far as components. You can skim through records on the drive by envelope, and there are uncommon perspectives for photographs, music, and motion pictures which let you review media and sort by qualities, for example, craftsman or kind. You can even make music playlists. Plainly a ton of intuition went into the configuration of this application – it’s a disgrace that purchasers of the more established iXpand don’t get the chance to profit by an overhaul.

SanDisk 2nd Generation iXpand Flash Drive Review


Notwithstanding mitigating iOS stockpiling burdens, the new iXpand Flash Drive is a truly convenient apparatus. You can utilize it for reinforcements and on events when you have to move documents between an iOS gadget and PC. Obviously it’s splendidly practical as a standard USB pen drive too. It isn’t a supernatural occurrence arrangement on the off chance that you require heaps of applications on an iOS gadget with restricted storage room, yet it’s ideal in the event that you need more music and films than your gadget can deal with, or on the off chance that you need to offload photographs and recordings yet at the same time have them convenient.

Many individuals would contend that gushing administrations and distributed storage could do likewise, and that is valid on the off chance that you have a liberal versatile information arrange and incline toward littler month to month memberships. Be that as it may, the iXpand is more flexible, and truly isn’t costly for what you get. Mac’s principles are to a great degree prohibitive, so in the event that you end up with purchasers’ regret in the wake of having run with a low limit iPhone or iPad, this minimal embellishment could be of massive help.

Cost (MRP): Rs. 3,990 (16GB); Rs. 4,990 (32GB); Rs. 6,990 (64GB); Rs. 9,990 (128GB)

  • Geniuses
  • Loads of usefulness in the application
  • Little and advantageous to utilize
  • Programmed reinforcements
  • Direct photograph and video recording
  • Cons
  • iOS stockpiling and extra taking care of impediments

Evaluations (Out of 5)

  • Plan: 4
  • Execution: 4.5
  • Esteem for Money: 4.5
  • In general: 4.5

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