Logitech Remote Controls Offer Frustration Free Home Entertainment

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How do you turn five different remote controls into one? It ‘s simple buy a Logitech harmony remote control. Logitech remote controls give you the power to operate every audio or video component in your house with just one remote. The Logitech harmony remote controls start imder $99 for the entry level model up to $399 for the touch-screen model and believe me, Logitech remote controls really do bring harmony to your life; or at least to your living room.
Logitech Remote Controls Offer Frustration Free Home Entertainment
Programing the Logitech Harmony remote control is a breeze! No flipping through a 900 page book of 4-6 digit codes Want to watch TV? Then press “Watch TV” and before your eyes, the TV turns on, followed by the cable box. Nothing on TV for you? Press “Watch a DVD” and the cable box goes off, the DVD player goes on and the receiver input changes accordingly. What makes Logitech remote controls unique in that you don’t program devices, but rather, activities.

Simply go to Logitech.com log in to your free account and pick all the devices you own. Then set the activities. It will guide you and ask you which devices need to be on, which need to be off and any settings for each like input, channel and even volume control. When it’s all done, plug the remote into your computer via supplied USB cable and click “Update Remote.” All the settings are packaged and sent to the remote which is now ready to use. Updating your Logitech remote control is a breeze.

There is even an on screen help menu in case something goes wrong. Hit the help button and it will attempt to fix it the problem and then ask you if everything is fine. If not it will step through each part of the process to make sure the requisite devices are on and set to the proper parameters for that activity. At the end of your watching, press the power off button and every device will turn off one at a time.

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